Travel Guide

The modern city of timeless innovations and endless energy know for world-class infrastructure wide variety of tourists spot to enjoy at. The City of Dubai is the one of the seven Emirates of United Arab Emirates, other six (6) to mention are: Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, Umm Al Quwain, Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah and Ajman. Dubai is situated at the bank of the southern shore of Arabian Gulf and Eastern part of the Peninsula. The city is marked as the second largest among the seven Emirates and ranked the country’s leading commericial center bounded by world’s largest and world’s finest infrastructures now a days

The country is combined with arid climate with sunny blue skies most of the year, but wind up with cool weather between the month of November and March as main Winter breaks, humidity tends to get higher between the month of June and August every year.
Temperature ranges from as low as 15 degree Celsius (winter) up to as high as 42 degree Celsius (summer).

Credit Card
Credit card is highly used in nationwide, recognized and acceptable in all establishments for purchasing. However, some retailers offer better value for cash than the credit cards, while having good deals and rewards offered for credit card use by most banks.

Currency and Exchange
Dubai’s local currency is Arab Emirates Dirham divisible into fils. Notes are in denominations of AED 1,000, 500, 200, 100, 50, 20, 10 and 5 while coins are in denominations of AED 1.00,.50, and .25 fils. The approximate exchange rate is USD 1= AED 3.65.
Most international currency are accepted in banks, hotels and by the licensed money changers in major shopping centers and souks. An Exchange center operates daily on normal working hours (9:00am to 10:30 pm). There is no control on exchange volume. Dirham is fully convertible to all currencies.

Dress code
As Islamic country modest clothing is recommended, particularly in rural areas; however being multi- national and mix cultured country, dress code is not strictly implemented. Beachwear is acceptable at beach clubs, hotel pool area and at the open beach except in sharjah and khor Fakkan( Arabic culture is strictly practiced).
Light weight clothing is suitable the whole year around, but sweaters or jackets may be needed during the winter months, especially in the evening. Hand gloves and scarf is recommended during the coldest point of the winter nights. Hats, sun block and good quality sub glassed are advised when out under the sun.

Drinking Water
Tap water is safe to use, however bottle water is served in hotels and restaurants as recommended.

Traditional Arabic cuisine is served all aver the city. Wide variety of International cuisine is available in different hotels and restaurants in diverse range of food and beverage outlets from coffee shops to the fine dinning and ala carte. Variety of fast food chains with an array of dishes is available in all shopping malls. Restaurants of different of cuisine are just around every corner; variety of cuisine choice is available, ranging from British to Chinese, Filipino, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mediterranean, Portuguese, Spanish, Swiss and Thai food.

This multi-national country is flocked by different embassies and consulates where people of all nations can dwell all theirs concerns from time to time.

Hours of Work
The hour of work is on normal 8-9 hours daily. Every establishment and offices practiced different timings for their employees. Private sectors usually operate offices 5-6 days a week at 0900 to 1800 hours daily. Some office governed by locals practiced mid day break with office hour of 0800 to 1300 hours and 1600 to 1900 hours daily. The weekend for government departments, schools and most private organizations is Friday and Saturday. Some offices practiced half day work during Thursdays. Government timing is Sunday to Thursday-0700 to 1430 hours.

Arabic is the mother tongue in Dubai. However, English is widely spoken and understood since the country is multi-lingual bounded by people from all nation.
Liquor and spirit are available in most hotels, clubs restaurants and bars. However restaurant situated outside hotels and clubs are not permitted to serve alcoholic beverages. Liquor may be consumed by people less than 21 years of age. Alcohol is strictly prohibited in sharjah.

Post offices are around the city. Airmail to Europe cost approximate AED 3.50 to AED 4.50 while postcards cost AED 2.50. Hotels offer mailing services at the concierge counter as part of the hotel facilities for their valued guests at minimal charges plus standard hotel services charge. Courier and cargo companies offer a comprehensive both locally and internationally.

A wide selection of English newspaper and magazines are published locally an daily, weekly and monthly issues. Foreign newspaper and magazines, especially British and Asian are available in bookshops and large supermarkets. International cables a variety of networks with different TV and radio channels. International news are broadcast via satellite networks; mostly generated by CNN, Reuters, NBC, MBC, BBC, TFC etc…..

Medical Services
In- house medics on call are one of every hotel’s facilities. Medical houses and clinics are available as per medical treatment required. Pharmacies are scattered in all areas, some operates as early as 0600 to 2400 hours daily and others at 24/7. Private and government hospitals are equipped with modern and high tech facilities.

Rashid Hospital              : 3371111
Dubai Hospital                : 2714444
American Hospital           : 3367777
Welcare Hospital             : 2827788

Nightlife is extremely fascinating. The classical, acoustic and live band music at different bars and discotheques are situated in every corner. Variety music and entertainment can be enjoyed plus exceptional flair mix by professional disc jockeys. Live entertainments such as belly dancing, show are featured in some famous bars.

Photography of palaces, government institution, military installations, oil and gas refineries is prohibited. Taking pictures of locals especially with women needs permission.

Public Holidays
New Year’s Day
National Day
Religious Holidays*
Islamic New year
Prophet Mohammed’s Birthday
Lailat Al Mi’raj
Eid Al Fitr(3 days)
Eid Al Adha(4 days)
*These religious holidays are based on the Gregorian dates of the Islamic calendar, which is as per lunar observations. The actual date may vary slightly from the dates listed above.
Note: The serving of alcohol is strictly prohibited for the period of 24 hours starting from sunset on the day before all religious holidays.

Public Transport
Metered taxi cabs are on the road, taxi stands and on call service. Taxis situated at the airport taxi stand are metered plus corresponding surcharges. Five star hotels operate courtesy buses to and from the city malls or beach resorts on regular schedule. Shuttle service is normally provided in most hotels for their in –house guests as per prior arrangements.

Ramadan is a Holy Month on which Muslims commemorate the revelation of the Holy Koran. Muslims are required to fast from dawn to dusk. Eating, drinking and smoking in public areas during daylight hours is strictly prohibited throughout the month. Alcohol is not served during day light hours but available in licensed bars and restaurants after sunset for non-Muslims. 
All Arabian adventures featured hotels make concessions for their clients and keep restaurants open during the day for resident guests only. Live entertainment, loud music and dancing are prohibited. Conservative clothing is recommended to be worn in public. Most business and shops open only for a few hours in the morning and re – open after sunset until after midnight. Sunset marks the breaking of the fast when families and friends get together to enjoy their Iftar meal. Tents are installed at parks and creek sides where people come and gathered to break the fast with water and dates.
Hotels and restaurant offer Iftar specials after sunset to celebrate the feast. Ramadan last for 30 days and end with Eid Al Fitr – the fast break celebration which calls for special 3 day holiday for everyone in the city. Shopping spree during Eid Al Fitr is practiced by most people due to retail outlets and shop that run special promotions and sales during this period.
Note: Ramadan is not fixed date as other holidays in the city. It is based on the Gregorian dates of the Islamic calendar, which depends on the lunar set up and observation. Ramadan falls on approximately 11 days back from the past year.

Islam is the religion for United Arab Emirates. But numerous religions of different people all over the world practiced their own beliefs. Different churches are situated at the church zone where other various religious sectors attend to worship. Several mosques are situated throughout the country and prayer time is highly valued.

United Arab Emirates has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. Visitors are guaranteed with safety and protection at all times and places.

United Arab Emirates is one of the shopper’s havens for its finest goods at reasonable prices. Branded and well known products from all parts of the world are available in town. Variety of goods can be bought at modern shopping malls and traditional souks in the city. Array of items from textiles, to perfume, clothing, electronic items, jewelries and other consumers’ needs are sold. Sale and bargain of goods are done during Dubai Shopping Festival and Dubai Summer Special periods where most tourists come to shop yearly.

Telecommunications is wide range in the country. International and local calls are equipped with best facilities within UAE and outside the country. An efficient international direct dialing system is offered most at hotels, E-mail and internet services at easy access due to broad band. Internet cafes are bounded all over the city. Telephone cards are readily available at shops, supermarkets and groceries around town which can be used at most public telephones.

Tax and service charges are usually included in outlets’ bill; otherwise a five to ten percent tip is adequate. Hotel staff and airport porters should be given at least $2 to 3 US depending on the number and bulk of luggage.
Taxi drivers do not expect to be tipped.

The voltage used in the United Arab Emirates is 220V. Most sockets are three-pin, although adaptors for two –pin plugs are available in the market and at most hotels.